Welcome to “South of the Clouds”

Congratulations, you found me! Pull up a chair and relax. Time to discover what awaits you on your visit amazing China.

I am a US citizen who moved from Seattle in December 2005 to start my adventures in China. I live in Yunnan Province which is SW mainland China. The city is Kunming, also known as the “spring city”.

These are my experiences and views as an American expat living in mainland China.

My site started out as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my adventures living in China. However, after starting this site, it has morphed into much more of a content rich site full of information about traveling and touring China.

Spend some time looking around here. You will find good info about what to expect when visiting or relocating to China.

I have many photos for you to enjoy that will give you a real sense of what China is all about. I spent my career in the photo business and I hope you will appreciate some of my work. Although I own professional camera gear, I decided not to use it for this website. Instead all the pics have been taken with a hand held digital camera only. I want to showcase China as an ordinary traveler, and also challange myself by maximizing the potential of small handheld cameras. Check out my gallery for an interactive photo tour of the places I am visiting. It is a great way to view my photography.

I hope you enjoy your visit , and I love to read your comments or suggestions. 

All content herein is copyrighted and cannot be copied or duplicated without my express written consent.

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  • Very usefully sites who traveling to chine.Thank You

  • Hello and what a wonderful surprise to find your online brochure here.
    I found a link to this site from another. Your adventures are delicious and I am happy to have found your words.
    The internet brings adventures to those who cannot travel as much.
    I wondered, as you are in China. Do you have access to Chinese Ink Sticks of any kind? I would like some good quality ones. You see, I study the Chinese Art of Spontaneous Painting.
    This is how I found your Brochure here. Through trawling through the web for people in China who may be able to help me.
    I also dont mind putting forwards a token fee for your troubles.
    I’d be quite fascinated to see what you’d find.
    I am quite genuine. My task for the last three years has been trying to get the world of Chinese Arts under the noses of Europe. But it’s a tricky issue. Especially when nobody will stock the materials.Have a great evening. Keep writing and I’ll call by on my way each week.
    The RaggedyBird.

  • Thanx for the information. Was looking for info about Guilin and found it here. The pictures are great too.

  • I just signed on as a member on your site. Very cool. Not just the site: but the fact that you had the courage to leave the USA for good where there isn’t much of a future for most people and jump into a foreign culture which is about as foreign as it gets for us Americans! (It might help to mention to everyone that I’m Jack’s brother.)

    Now you’re married to a nice Chinese girl and instead of retiring: working and thriving. While still managing to travel and have fun! I hope to do some traveling myself soon – my first stop might be Xiamen!?

  • Hey. Hope all is well. I like the new look of your site. Don’t eat rats!

  • Tom

    Very helpful and informative site. Many beautiful photos. I like it.

  • Tom

    Very useful sites. I got many new information about China here. Thanks China Travel Discovery

  • Meera

    Chanced upon your website. The info is so useful. Am from India and its my dream to visit china sometime.

  • This is Charly Zhao, I got very useful infor from ur website, tks so much, actully I do itinerary for our guests in Yunnan, especially trek in Tiger leaping Gorge and Meli Mountain.

  • Hi,your website is very good!I like…

  • Hi,Your site is very good.

  • Very cool blog, very organized.

  • wow, its lovely blog…nice..

  • potato

    Hi Jack!What is mean of Your friend Lane said :Don’t eat rats?

  • Dave

    Hey Jack,
    Site looks great, how about some new stuff?? What about a bit on how the Chinese are tripping over themselves trying to buy American made cars in China.
    Doing fine here …reently returned from a too brief visit to Australia, (Sydney) ….wonderful harbour town. Still finishing up the odds and ends of this house….
    Have a Good Friday & Happy Easter!

  • Hey now no more bot spam!

  • Tony

    Did you try Kunming’s rice-noodle, that’s very delicious!! and ” er kuai” just like American’s pizza

  • Tony

    Very cool blog, very organized.

  • It is so nice to see your web site. I am a professional English-speaking tour guide in Beijing. If you or your friends who want to visit Beijing I can help you.

  • Robert Livingston

    I envy your free spirit. If you’d like your blog entries published, please contact me.

  • Your site looks great Jack! I am glad to hear all the fun your having and the life you can live in a country that let’s you keep enough to spend it right! “Happy Travels”.

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  • john fischer

    Very interesting site……..luck would have it that I am planning on retiring and living in Guilin ( not your favorite city). My wife is from there. I am curious about American TV. Is there anyway to receive TV programming from the U.S. ?
    I will certainly miss my American Sports, so I am quite concerned.

  • Harold Hendler

    A well organized site containing a wealth of interesting observations and photos. I’ve learned a lot about China by having visited and browsing. Good Job!

  • Dan

    Site is looking good..

  • Lane

    Hey. Hope all is well. I like the new look of your site. Don’t eat rats!

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