Kunming,January 29th, 2006

Chinese New Year 2006




Happy New Year! I survived MY FIRST Chinese New Year! This is something like you cannot imagine. The Chinese take their fireworks VERY seriously here. Saturday (1/28) I walked around outside my condo. Fireworks stands are everywhere. And by now the streets are completely covered with spent […]

Kunming,January 22nd, 2006

Golden Palace


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Golden Palace

Golden Palace

Golden Palace

Golden Palace […]

Kunming,January 14th, 2006

Chinese massage


I had my first full blown Chinese massage last night. If there is one thing the Chinese understand……. it is the art of massage. The difference between Thai and Chinese massage is vast. This is one thing where nobody can touch the Chinese. They have this art down to a […]

Kunming,January 13th, 2006

Condo workers


Everyday is a new experience here. I had some workers come in to hang a couple of Chinese lanterns on my balcony. 3 workers showed up and began to put up the lanterns. The ceiling was about 12 feet high and they had a broken 4 ft ladder. So they took my […]

Kunming,January 1st, 2006

Dinner party


Tonight, I invited my new friends to a nice dinner in Kunming. Several of them speak very good English and they are all very interesting people. They are all very nice people who have welcomed me as their new “American friend” . I hosted this dinner of about 20 courses including […]

Anning,January 1st, 2006



I am about 30 minutes west of Kunming in a little town called Anning. It is the site of the worlds first hot spring. I am sitting next to this spring. This region around Kunming has many hot springs and rich mineral water from the thermal activity here. This area is very popular […]