Getting Mobile,September 22nd, 2007

No-car Day

September 22 was a banner day throughout China. It marks China’s first participation in the International No Car Day where everyone is supposed to leave their car at home. China ordered 108 cities here to ban cars and use only public transport. This is a big deal for modern China to do. First, there are […]

China General,December 29th, 2005

Got my license!


Yesterday morning it was off to the Chinese drivers license office for my test. They handed me a 100 question test in English for God’s sake! Of course I only had a Chinese book to study, but what the hell. Anyway, I take this test with questions like…”When traveling […]

China General,December 27th, 2005

Chinese driving license


First I had to go to the hospital and get a “medical check up”. So this morning I go there and see three doctors. The first one has me read an eye chart, but of course she could not understand my answers. This made it a confusing process. Not to mention […]