Kunming,October 30th, 2013

My Townhouse Remodel part 2

Our house is finally finished (for the most part). I’m hard at work tweaking all the automation functions at this point. The pictures are some of the highlights of this house. I received a lot of interest in this project, so I wanted to showcase some of the finished product. Here is an exclusive […]

Kunming,May 9th, 2013

My Townhouse Remodel

This post is related to my post “The Art of Realestate in China” posted May 3rd,2010.

I am about 1 month away from everything completed and ready to move in. It has been a long road to reach this point, but joy is soon to be had.

After the physical construction of the building, […]

Kunming,May 3rd, 2010

The Art of Real Estate in China

As many know, China is in the midst of a real estate boom rivaling anything in the world. People are getting filthy rich by the virtual minute here buying/selling. But this is a different world here when it comes to buying property and a very uncomfortable process for a westerner going about it.

There […]

Kunming,May 13th, 2009

Kunming Wood showroom

Kunming Wood showroom was uploaded by: jackhendler
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Kunming,May 13th, 2009

Kunming lightining

Kunming lightining was uploaded by: jackhendler
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Kunming,May 13th, 2009

Crazy Chinese New Year

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Kunming,February 13th, 2009



Let’s break it down….. yes it’s green and long (very big anyway) and the mile part is the name of the town. Actually pronounced Mi-Ler. This little place is about 1.5 hrs drive from Kunming, in the area of the stone forest. The Honghe cigarette factory is located […]

Kunming,December 22nd, 2008

dining table


It all started with me needing a dining table. I spent a long time going to furniture stores, but I couldn’t find the right table anywhere. I thought that the only way to get the perfect table would be to have it made. After a few […]

Kunming,September 4th, 2008



I’ve been living in China now going on 3 years. I figured, no problem, I’ll pick up Mandarin as I go along. Well it’s not turning out so well. So then I began looking for that special Chinese medicine that I can use to have me speaking Mandarin like […]

Beijing,July 27th, 2008

Beijing 2008


We are just a few weeks away from the Beijing Olympics. Here is my official ticket. I am hopeful that the incredible preparations China has made for this event will prove to be the most spectacular in Olympic history. The money and work China has invested in the Olympic […]