We’ve all had to read owner’s manuals for Asian products. The translation to English makes them almost impossible to understand. Wait until you see this stuff found all over Asia. You just got to give them an “eh?” for effort!

If you find some “Chinglish” you want to share on this site, send me an email, and I’ll get it posted.

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  • Jodie

    I love Chinglish. It makes me smile and often, it makes me think “How beautiful”. Some of the variants of “Keep off the grass” have been wonderful. “Keep off the grass” sounds crude in comparison.

    That’s why I think this war on Chinglish is so short-sighted. I agree that a professional translation agency should be brought in to correct signs that have to understood otherwise it’s your life on the line. For the vital things, you can’t afford the slightest mistranslation.

    But eradicating Chinglish entirely? That’s such an overreaction. I for one am far more likely to take notice of a sign saying “Don’t hurt me, I am afraid of pain” than I am of “Keep off the grass”.

  • potato

    Hoho good good study ,day day up!

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