Chinese massage


I had my first full blown Chinese massage last night. If there is one thing the Chinese understand……. it is the art of massage. The difference between Thai and Chinese massage is vast. This is one thing where nobody can touch the Chinese. They have this art down to a fine science.
It all started after I had dinner with my friends. They invited me to a small university campus next to Dianchi Lake for dinner. As it turned out, this was a private dinner prepared only for Mr. Ho and his guests. After a great meal, it was decided to go to the massage place in the city. Once we arrived to what appeared to me to be another restaurant, we were led up to the 3rd floor. It was almost 10pm where we were met by several employees where they took off our shoes and gave us “house shoes” to wear.  Then we were led into another room where there were oversized sofa chairs and ottomans all in rows. Maybe 4 side by side, and 10 rows total. Each chair had a little stand with an 8″ LCD TV pointing at the chair. The room was beautifully decorated in pastel browns and earth tones. The lighting was bright enough to clearly see, but low and relaxing also if that makes sense. Once we were seated, the staff served you whatever you wanted to drink, and we sat back and relaxed. I’m guessing 15 minutes passed and then we all got up and Mr. Ho said it’s time for our bath. So some staff people each escorted escalator and us to where we went up one floor and were met by more people who led us into a dressing room. Then a fellow helps you to get undressed, a little uncomfortable at first, but nice service. Now I am naked except for my house shoes. We are led into a room with a beautiful tile pool of hot mineral spring water. So we got in to soak. Everywhere you look in the building you cannot help to notice how beautiful and organized everything is laid out. Even your locker for the clothes is a digital prox reader lock that requires your attendant’s key fob AND your personal fob to open the door.
Another 10 minutes go by and we step out of the pool and walk into another room with 3 more pools! These are also natural hot springs but one has black water and the other two are like giant hot tubs with air jets.  The black water is the  “Chinese Medicine” water, which is supposed to help your blood and circulation. So I opted for the black water, and soaked in there another 15 minutes. There are your personal attendants standing by to serve you fresh squeezed juices, teas, and coffee, whatever you need.

We finally got out and were directed into a room with private cubicles with a massage table. I was told to lie down upon which a man came in and preceded to give me a massage and towel dry me at the same time. This lasted about 30 minutes. When he finished, I was covered with this oil that felt so nice on your skin. Well, next it was off to the sauna room. Again, a beautiful room, well appointed, including a 40” LCD TV set in the wall to watch if you like. I lasted about 10 minutes inside there and I was about to also try the steam room next door, but decided to skip it. So it was off to the showers! By now I am so relaxed I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep. After the shower, we put on house robes and were escorted back into the room with the comfortable chairs! This time there was a huge buffet laid out behind the rows of chairs, with all this wonderful Chinese cuisine laid out. I was still full from out dinner, so I just sat in the sofa chair and had some coffee. Once I sat down, a girl comes over to sit at my feet and proceeds to give me a pedicure and a foot massage that lasted about an hour. During this pampering, another girl stands behind me and takes out all these tools and starts working on my ears. So now I’m thinking this program is winding down, when we are then led upstairs to another area where it’s time for our “massage”. Jeez, I though I already got a massage. But noooooooo…….. Now comes the real deal!

Once inside this small low-lit room, I was introduced to my masseuse. She was a small beautiful girl and spoke no English. Still she was able to get me in position for the massage session without difficulty. This massage lasted about 1.5 hours. At this point all I can say is you just had to be there. I must say I never had my eyeballs massaged before. Every part of your body is assaulted with a pressure technique followed with a kind of rubbing something like a “traditional” massage. It is hard to describe, but they follow a very careful procedure that takes your whole body through an unforgettable experience.

By the way, all of this is completely non – sexual although they do not miss much before they finish with you. Now I am poured off the table and led back into the “sitting” room where we can eat more food and drink. All of us are sitting low in the chairs now, enjoying a drink. After 30 minutes of recuperation, we go back into the dressing room and change. You could shower first, but I wanted to leave the wonderful light oil on my skin, so I just got dressed. We all gathered outside in the lobby where I notice it was just past 2am. I can tell you I slept so good after arriving home.

Before leaving, I did notice at the front desk that the cost of this entire program was quite expensive (to Chinese standards). This deal will cost you 300RMB. That’s $37.50 USD.

This experience alone is well worth a trip to China!