Condo workers


Everyday is a new experience here.  I had some workers come in to hang a couple of Chinese lanterns on my balcony. 3 workers showed up and began to put up the lanterns. The ceiling was about 12 feet high and they had a broken  4 ft ladder.  So they  took my dinning table  and put this ladder on top of it out on my 4th story balcony.  Then  a  worker  stood on the  top  step of this ladder, balanceing on this little table while the other two tried to hold this broken ladder. THe whole thing was shakeing around. If it fell, he would certainly have gone off the balcony, 4 stories to the ground. OSHA would have put these guys in jail!  Anyway, they got it all done in about 2 hours. They charged me $2.20 for the work.
Just a few days before, I had my AV system delivered. It took me several hours to program the DVD to it since the menus are only in CHinese. But I got it all working and now have tunes rumbling throughout the complex. So far only 1 neighbor below me has moved out. I’ll try to keep it down to a dull roar before they take me away. My Chinese “Bu Gu Gauw” speakers sound good!
Apparently 5 years ago my condo had new lights put in the ceiling.  Sometimes they flickered, so I  pulled one down and discovered that  the wired were just twisted together and taped. No connectors! Once I called the company, a man came right out and repaired all 6 lights…. no charge. It was still under some kind of warranty. Cool!
Tomorrow I will go to dinner at Mr. Leian’s house. He wants me to meet his children, I think so I can practice English with them. Anyway I will get my first “house invite” and experience a home cooked meal there.
The weather continues to be clear and sunny everyday. I can go out and be comfortable with wearing a shirt. The wind comes off Dianchi Lake by late afternoon and things cool down to needing a light jacket outside.
I am planning a trip to Dali and Lijiang next week. It will be my first trip in the car. THe highways out of town are all toll roads, but new. This trip will take me through the mountains of Yunnan Province. I expect to have pics to post after I return.