Kunming peds


For those who do not believe me……. here it is! Trees in full bloom all over the city. Notice, if you will, all flowers and NO leaves. How DO they do it? Just another bit of magic here in China. Also please mark your calendars. It is Feburary! I have been seeing these trees for about 3 weeks now. I went to this park nearby and shot the pics (see Blooms). Check out the Chinese squirrel. That ones for you Doug.
Now about my writing……… OK my spelling is horrible. My proofreading is even worse. But in my defense, I got to point a finger at this Yahoo blog site. There is a delay when I am typing and sometimes letters get dropped out. SO it is not ALL me. But this leads me to thinking about moving my blog. I’ll keep you all posted.
I have just been informed that my household goods have arrived in China and is clearing customs (or not) as I speak. Then it will go by truck from Tianjan to Kunming. That will take several days. I am looking forward to getting my bicycle. I can’t wait to join in on the bicycle crush going on here daily. I’m going to be the only lauwai on a bicycle. That should greatly add to the chaos in the the bike lanes around here!
I am totally over the uneasy feeling one gets being “center stage” every where you go. It is still an oddity for a westerner to be here, and the Chinese can’t take their eyes off of you as you walk around. At first it is a little creepy, especially if you have to pick your nose or something. But now I don’t pay attention to it. I realize this is part of the Chinese nature and now I have learned to enjoy it. Example….. you all know how traffic slows down because of the idiot lookie lews needing to check out the accident? Well, in China, people stop their cars on the freeway, get out of their cars and actually stand around in a big crowd. Right on the freeway! Traffic is a complete standstill. Me?………I amuse myself by laying on the horn and plowing right through the crowds. Remember, here in China, the car is king. Once you are on foot, you have lost all rights. So people scramble in all directions. This is especially fun if the accident happens to be on an overpass. They really have limited space to run! Hey, what can I say…..payback is a bitch!