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I celebrated “National Day” by going over to a local Kunming flea market. They sell everything from soup to nuts. And yes….. I found the iPhone there as well. Strange as it seems this is the real deal (not fake copy). So much for the Apple’s position of only having this phone in the US through AT&T. The function and interface was exactly the same as the US version, except it ONLY has Chinese language. But of course it is unlocked and works anywhere. They are selling it for 4200 RMB ( $559.85). I’ll just wait and pick one up in the US, take it to Bangkok, and get it unlocked for $10. However China does make 2 copies of the iPhone as well. One is very good and even has some better features, the other (CECT) is a lame attempt, as it has some buttons. For about $150.00, who cares?

I also came across this fellow selling the miracle shoe repair glue. He was quite the character as he demonstrates this stuff. Check out the video. You get 3 tubes for 5 RMB ( $0.66). I can’t resist a bargain, so I whipped off my python boot and threw it at him for a “hands on” demo. A crowd gathered and off he went with his glue on my boot. A minute later he had indeed fixed my ripped boot! I was sold! Gimme 6, handing him 10 RMB. He handed me 2 bottles and refused take my money! I guess the Lao Wei advertisement factor was payment enough for him. Still I wanted more, but I couldn’t get him to understand, so I walked away with only two. As I left, another person was taking off her shoe to get it fixed!

I think next week I’ll repackage this stuff and sell it as a nylon hose repair miracle. Demo videos to follow………………hehe………………………