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Got my license!


Yesterday morning it was off to the Chinese drivers license office for my test. They handed me a 100 question test in English for God’s sake! Of course I only had a Chinese book to study, but what the hell. Anyway, I take this test with questions like…”When traveling in a primary car on a road unmarked by signs, you can….A. raise your speed to fit the road. B. lower your speed and watch for cows……..C. remain seated and alert. Hmmmm. what the hell do they want here?????? Let’s not forget showing a picture of a Chinese sign and I have 3 choices to know what it says!!! Somehow I managed to get an 83 on the test. I was feeling quite proud of myself until they informed me that I failed! I need a 90 or better to pass. I took the test again, and got a 95! Go figure. So now I am the proud owner of a Chinese drivers license. COOL!!!!
So I drove around a little, dodging horse carts, bicycles, people, dogs, motorcycles, cars, small animals and cows… all normal in the downtown section. You can imagine what happens outside of downtown! There are things being pulled, pushed, dragged and generally just lying around all over the place! Makes driving here a real eye opener! Pictures to follow later! Thats it for now………………..