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1 hour flight out of Shenzhen brings you to Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. Famous for its natural conservation of a large number of ancient plant species, wild animals and reptiles, many of which are peculiar to China.The Bohea and the Oolong teas are grown in this region as well. Unforunatly for us southern China has been hit by continuous heavy rain so that some attractions and scenic areas are not available to tour or access.

Wuyishan Scenic Area, once trapped thousands of tourists, is now closed temporarily. So we head off about 1 hours drive to the village of He Ping. He Ping itself is one of the oldest communities in northern Fujian. While other towns its age or older have been partially restored, this town has remained basically untouched. The town dates from the Tang Dynasty (AD618-907) when it was a simple rice farming town. The name Heping is made up of two Chinese characters which mean ‘Rice Plain’. The village itself dates well beyond that. One of Chinas oldest Classical Learning Academy’s was first opened in Heping in AD926 during the Tang Dynasty by government official named Huang Qiao. Walking around here is like a trip back in time.Because of the weather, it was empty except for a few villagers. I enjoyed being the sole visiter here in this quiet village. You can almost imagine living in another time.

After a few days we returned to Shenzhen for a look see. We booked into the Shangri-La Hotel. Truly a world class operation. One of the pics show a TV shot. In the room I saw my old friend General Li on the national TV channel. How cool!
The weather being so wet, our time was spent doing a little shopping. And what is Shenzhen famous for? Clothes and electronics. In fact it is the largest electronics shopping center in Asia. Hong Kong gets all it’s products from here! This is home to the Apple iPhone. In fact, most everything is made here. There is a street downtown lined with mega malls that are nothing but computer, phones, and anything electronic. I bought a few things that you can preview in the pictures and also on my gadgets page. Prices for clothes and electronics are extremely low. I was in heaven.

Shenzhen is a new modern city 30 minutes from Hong Kong. What was a tiny fishing village on the border of Hong Kong in 1970 is now a buzzing metropolis of over eight million people! Already containing 20 buildings at over 200 meters tall, including the Shun Hing Square (the 8th tallest building in the world). A 2010 study conducted by Forbes magazine ranks Shenzhen’s population density as the 5th highest in the world. In 2006, the Dapeng Peninsula, the location of Shenzhen’s best beaches, was nominated by the China National Geographic Magazine as one of the most beautiful coastlines in China. We plan to return in the near future for a closer look at this city and make a jump into Maccau as well.

Finally we spent a few nights in Guanzhou. I didn’t care for this city. It is huge, noisy, and dirty. Besides great food and the tallest TV tower in the world, I can’t say much about this place. I reconize it does hold an historical value, but frankly I didn’t see much reason to spend any time here. Still, the Chinchilla for sale there was cute…..



Let’s break it down….. yes it’s green and long (very big anyway) and the mile part is the name of the town. Actually pronounced Mi-Ler. This little place is about 1.5 hrs drive from Kunming, in the area of the stone forest. The Honghe cigarette factory is located here, and certainly owns and operates this town’s very existence. In the middle of nowhere stands ultra modern buildings, a 495 acre man made ecological lake preserve filled with clean clear spring water. Their showcase piece is the Huquan Resort and Spa smack dab in the middle of this preserve. Lagoons, sandy beach fronts, natural hot springs, and water activities showcase this resort complex. The resort is “set” in water so from your room it is as if you are virtually living in the lake. This 5 star complex is about as lavish as it gets. The hotel is divided into 3 sections, each one boasting a little different architecture. We stayed in the B section which is the middle priced area and the one we liked even better than the A section. Our room with breakfast buffet was $40 a night. You couldn’t touch a place like this anywhere else for under $300. Check out the pictures for yourself. I was blown away when I awoke before sunrise and sat on my balcony looking towards the mountains. As the sun was rising, the moon was setting over the mountains. I felt I could reach out and touch it! Talk about the perfect getaway to get your mind and body realigned!  This is one of those “you got to be a local Kunming dude” to know this place even exists. In hindsight, I should probably keep this a secret.

update 3/14/09……..

I just returned from Mile (again) and this time stayed in the “A” building. Helen’s mom and dad invited us to enjoy time with them to show their appreciation to us for our help sending Helen to the USA. She will  travel to the USA next week to attend the university.  They would not allow us to pay for anything! I won’t forget the wonderful time we had, nor how gracious they were to us. I am finding so many dear friends living in this wonderful country.

We stayed in the “A” building which is the VIP section of this resort. Every detail of this resort is first class. There are very few places where you can say that nothing can be improved upon. This is definitely one of them. No doubt we will be making this one of our regular hangouts.

update 5/21/09

I just returned from Mile again. This time I discovered that the Yunnan Red Winery is located about 15km south of Mile. This is a must do while in Mile. Very interesting and you have the place almost all to yourself. I met the Marketing manager and his wife there. We spent several hours visiting with them and drinking lots of  delicious wines. Some which are not available except at the winery. I ended up buying 1000 RMB of wine and stumbled back to my beautiful room at the resort. As a sidenote, the room rates are going up, which is of no surprise. My room in the B section is now 340 RMB, up from 270 RMB. Still a bargin.



I just returned from my travels to the Guangxi Province in central China. I flew into Guilin and took a bus to Yangshuo, 1.5 hours south. This small town sits on the Li river and surrounded by these amazing karsts. These
strangely shaped hills covered with verdant vegetation ranging from bamboo to conifers and most have wonderful caves to explore. These is no place like this on earth. You feel so humbled by nature’s power to create such
dramatic beauty.These karsts go on for hundreds of km in all directions. I stayed at the perfect hotel (Overseas Hotel) at the end of Westerner street which looks out to the Li river. Pics 0559 and 0573 are shot from my
balcony. My room was on the top floor (6). Hotel price was $17.50 per night. Yangshuo is a tourist town with many shops and restaurants. Not really interesting, but you are based in a perfect location to explore
natures creation. I rented a mountain bike ($1.25 a day) and headed out of town towards the butterfly garden park. Along the way I decided to go to the “water cave” which was interesting for about 30 minutes, not really
worth the price($21). But hey, it was cool inside! I spent the rest of the day riding through the country and into small villages. See pic 0625 which is a local minority girl. I had beer fish for lunch, the local specialty. Damn
fish drank more beer that I could! I didn’t care for it so much, but it looked nice on the plate. Anyway a must see is the river by boat. See pic 0584. I did this the next day. Pic 0610 shows a fisherman and his boat on the neighboring Yatong river. The birds are used for fishing. He ties a string around the bird’s neck so he cannot swallow the fish, and the bird dives underwater to catch the fish. These Chinese are clever people.I also took a fishing boat trip on one of these boats. This is a “must do” here. 3 hours floating through this amazing scenery. It cost $8.75. After several days I headed back to Guilin to see this town. Guilin is a small city, and frankly there is no need to waste time here. Expensive and nothing special to see. Biggest attraction was the Waterfall Hotel that turns into a 45 meter high waterfall at 8:30 pm. See pic 0634. This was cool. But the people here are not to be trusted. Also they are not friendly unless you throw money at them. I was told to be very careful here as there are many pickpockets and thieves around. But China continues to amaze me at every turn. Just when you think you’ve seen something amazing……BAM!!…… another place blows you away.

In all my travels, China is proving to be the top attraction.