Kunming,March 20th, 2020

“My Corona!”

It all began Jan 21st 2020. The day my dad passed and I was contacted in China of his death. I quickly made plans to return to California to make his arrangements being the successor trustee of the Hendler Trust.

I was able to book the next flight to LAX which was on Jan […]

Cambodia,January 31st, 2013

….Wats Ya Gonna Do????

New Years day and arrived in Siem Reap Cambodia. Left Kunming freezing weather, and 2 hours later landed to 90 degree sunshine. Upon entering customs, the agents are jumping up and yelling to the Chinese tourists to come to their booth. It’s payday at the customs entry! They ask the passengers to pay […]

Wuyishan,July 6th, 2010


1 hour flight out of Shenzhen brings you to Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. Famous for its natural conservation of a large number of ancient plant species, wild animals and reptiles, many of which are peculiar to China.The Bohea and the Oolong teas are grown in this region as well. Unforunatly for us southern […]

Thailand,April 21st, 2010

Thailand-Land of Red Shirts

April 12th 2010-

I have just returned from Bangkok after spending the past week there. As you all know, I travel to Thailand quite regularly. This trip was certainly a lot different to most with the government overthrow reaching it’s apex of violence in downtown Bangkok. While I have a fair understanding of […]

Suzhou,May 13th, 2009


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My Videos,May 13th, 2009

Hand feeding Chinese Tigers

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My Videos,May 13th, 2009

Chinese Myna Bird

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Kunming,December 22nd, 2008

dining table


It all started with me needing a dining table. I spent a long time going to furniture stores, but I couldn’t find the right table anywhere. I thought that the only way to get the perfect table would be to have it made. After […]

Suzhou,November 24th, 2008



A 40 minute train ride from Shanghai brings you to Suzhou, the city of gardens. I expected a small to medium size city, but found this city of 6 million surprisingly more of a larger city. I would guess it to be about the size of Kunming.

Many rivers and canals […]

Shanghai,November 23rd, 2008

Another Shanghai

I just returned from another trip to Shanghai. This time I went up to the top of the new World Trade Center. This building is 495m and 125 stories. It is the tallest building in Asia now. The Jin Mao tower held the record for 1 year before they built the WTC beside […]