Welcome to “South of the Clouds”

Congratulations, you found me! Pull up a chair and relax. Time to discover what awaits you on your visit amazing China.

I am a US citizen who moved from Seattle in December 2005 to start my adventures in China. I live in Yunnan Province which is SW mainland China. The city is Kunming, also known as the “spring city”.

These are my experiences and views as an American expat living in mainland China.

My site started out as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my adventures living in China. However, after starting this site, it has morphed into much more of a content rich site full of information about traveling and touring China.

Spend some time looking around here. You will find good info about what to expect when visiting or relocating to China.

I have many photos for you to enjoy that will give you a real sense of what China is all about. I spent my career in the photo business and I hope you will appreciate some of my work. Although I own professional camera gear, I decided not to use it for this website. Instead all the pics have been taken with a hand held digital camera only. I want to showcase China as an ordinary traveler, and also challange myself by maximizing the potential of small handheld cameras. Check out my gallery for an interactive photo tour of the places I am visiting. It is a great way to view my photography.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


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