“My Corona!”

It all began Jan 21st 2020. The day my dad passed and I was contacted in China of his death. I quickly made plans to return to California to make his arrangements being the successor trustee of the Hendler Trust.

I was able to book the next flight to LAX which was on Jan 23rd. We arrived in LA on the 24th. The next day LAX began careful screening for the coronavirus that had just been announced by the Chinese. People from China were quarantined or forced to return to China. We just made it hours before!

My return to China was scheduled for Feb 16, which was cancelled by Cathay Pacific. I rebooked the return for April 6th.

After the business of having final services for my Dad, we stayed in California until Mar 2nd, when we decided to drive to Texas where our friends graciously put us up to stay with them until my flight for Apr 6 was due.

This coronavirus has gotten worse by the day to the point of my flight being cancelled agin, with no option to rebook it. Travel all over the world has shut down and people no longer able to go anywhere. So at this point they are saying 4-6 months before restrictions can be lifted.

So here we are, no hope to return home in the foreseeable future. I will make updates to this story as we go.


March 28th 2020.

Cathay Pacific sent me email a week ago cancelling my new Apr 6th departure. Four days later, another email saying they changed my departure from Apr 6th to April 5th. Now today another email confirming my April 5th date, but once I get to HK, I will not be allowed into HK, nor can I transfer to my flight to Kunming! WTH???

I called Cathay Pacific and told them change my flight to May. They told me no more flights until at least June! So I rebooked June 2nd at this point. I will h,ave 2 more months stranded in the USA at least.

April 18,2020

We just rented a house in Laguna Beach for May 1st. So we will drive back to California and stay to hopefully return to China in June.

Now I have to contact the IRS since we did not received our stimulas check as expected. We should have got $2400 like most of my friends have already received.

May 20,2020

Living in Laguna since May 1st. Things are all closed around here, even the beaches! My return flight cancelled again, so I made a new booking for July 1. We will be forced to stay another month in the US, unless it also gets cancelled. I am trying to contact the Chinese Embassy in LA and see what they can do in my case to insure we can travel home on July 1st. This last few days has some businesses opening and also have limited beach access now. IRS never contacted me and I doubt I will ever see this stimulos check. We will be moving to another condo June 1st since this place want to double my rent for next month. California is in a sad state of affairs.

July 9,2020

We just relocated to Laguna Woods after receiving another email from Cathay Pacific cancelling our flight home again. This is the 3rd time it has been cancelled.

I rebooked our flight, this time for Oct 2. CP informed me that I will now have to pay an additional $2300 to rebook this ticket! However after having a talk with them, they decided to waive this fee and did rebook our flights.

All the while this is going on, I am watching the US move into violent civil war. Democrat led cities are moving to defund police and warn citizens that personal safety will be upon each individual to address. Our country is under attack by George Soros funded groups hell bent to destroy this country from within. I was lucky enough to find and purchase a military type weapon and arm myself to protect me until I can leave. It was a miracle I was able to get one. Guns and ammunition are almost non-existant in the US now. Millions are buying up anything they can get. Much like the toilet paper madness a few months earlier.

As we get closer to elections, I fear this violence will only intensify. I predict that right after elections, large scale violence will ensue.

I only wish I could get out of here and go back home.

Aug 30,2020

We just got our flight cancelled a few weeks ago again. So now I will have to reschedule again for December. By now this is all beginning to wear on us. No end in sight to go home. We miss our home and family. Not much elsa to say about it all.

Oct 22,2020

Our Dec flight has been cancelled since the HK to Kunming leg (Dragon Air) has gone bankrupt. Calling Cathay several times through Nov and they still have no solution. I was forced to find and sign a new rental lease to Mar 2021 now. We will move Dec 1 into our new location and continue to wait for a flight and Mia’s visa change to allow her back home.

Oct 14, 2021

I haven’t posted an update in a while just because there is not much to update. We continue to be stuck in the USA since China is still not issuing visas so we can return home. They say MAYBE by Mar 2022 that will change. I just resigned a new 6 months lease and we just continue to wait……..


Apr 28, 2023

Oh joy! We are finally returning home. My visa is finished, and we leave the USA May 1st. Hard to believe this day would ever come. This 3 year nightmare is about to end and we get to go back to our home. See you in China!


July 6,2023

We made it! Got back to China and began working on getting our house back up and running after being mothballed for the past 3.5 years. Lots to do, but all in all it’s in better shape than I expected.