Chinese driving license


First I had to go to the hospital and get a “medical check up”. So this morning I go there and see three doctors. The first one has me read an eye chart, but of course she could not understand my answers. This made it a confusing process. Not to mention I don’t read Chinese characters! But soon with paper and pen, I convinced her I can see.  Then off the check my muscles. This was accomplished by me simply making a fist and opening my hand. I also had to stand up from sitting in a chair. DUH! Now I passed this test. Last was a hearing test. I go into another office and a women says something to me in Chinese. I answer…. “What?”.  Ok done, I heard her talking so I passed this test. This medical check up set me back $1.50.  Now the real fun begins…….
This afternoon I go to the police station where I will take my written test. A week ago they gave me a book about 1″ thick containing all the driving rules. Naturally it is all in Chinese as they do not have another language available. So I look at the pics of the traffic signs and I assume I have these figured out ok. Nonetheless, now I will get a written test. And true to form this will also be written in Chinese. I cannot have another person transulate for me, so I suppose I will just pick A,B,C,or D and hope for the best. But assuming I pass this test,  I will then be able to drive here. I have to wait until after lucnch this afternoon (12:00-2:00) and take this test. Wish me luck,  I will keep you posted………………………