Been traveling,lazy at writing

It’s been awhile since I updated by page. Since April I have been doing a lot of traveling back to back.

Mid April I traveled to The Gambia, Africa, England, and Scotland for about 1 month. Shortly after returning to Xiamen, it was off to Thailand and Hong Kong. Back home to wash some clothes and then off to Shanghai.

Now I am in Kunming for a bit where I will set out to drive our car back to Xiamen. This will be 1200 km through China and I will be stopping along the way when I come across something to check out. I guess my pace will put me about a week to get to Xiamen.

Right now I sit in the newly opened Starbucks in Kunming to post this report. Pictures to follow once I get back to my PC. Beautiful weather here as always, but in Xiamen now it is HOT!

I picked up another iPhone in HK just because there they are factory unlocked. Loving it!

In Kunming we got our keys and officially own our new townhouse here now. Looking forward to start designing the interior for remodel and integrate smart home features.

So keep watching…………