Detian,September 10th, 2011

Detian pubu

I just completed a road trip from Kunming to Xiamen. I drove 2620km which included the 300km extra side trip to Detian waterfall. With only a few exceptions, the highways were all new and modern. The total cost in road tolls was 1760 RMB. Don’t get me started about road tolls in China!

It […]

Kunming,November 30th, 2007

Stone Forest


Driving 85 km from Kunming, we reached the town of Shilin. (Shilin means ‘stone forest’) This is home to the Sani ethnic minority people. Here, the Stone Forest sits on 350 sq. km area. The GPS location 24 49′ 27.95″ N 103 19’24.41 E will put you at the entrance.

My friend […]

Laos,May 1st, 2007



On May 1st I set out to travel from Kunming to a small town in Laos named Luang Prabang. For a little added adventure, I decided to drive my car there. After securing the necessary documents, I headed for Laos. The total distance round trip was 3072 km.

Driving […]

Lou Ping,February 26th, 2007

Lou Ping, Funming, Chu Xian


The weather in Kunming is turning warmer by the day. It stays around 65 and clear. I decided to take a few day trips to see Chu Xian and Funming. Why?………… Well why not! They are withing 100 km and it’s a nice day for a drive. Chu Xian is […]

Road Trips,March 10th, 2006

Road Trip to Baoshan, Tenchong, Dali, Lijiang


I set out this month to travel a bit around China. This trip took me to Baoshan, Tenchong, Dali, and Lijiang. My first “road trip” in my little car which did nicely. The whole trip was 1200 km and I was traveling 1 week.

First stop was Tenchong by way of […]