Back in Black


As you’ve noticed, I have been away for some time now and haven’t posted too much. Then just last week my site disappeared because my hosting server flew the coup. That’s right, they just shut down their servers and left me in the twilight zone. So for the past few days I’ve had to find another hosting service and rebuild my website to get it back up. The idiot rat bastards at eHost never sent word one to me they were pulling their servers. I had no chance to do a data backup to my PC.

I was lucky enough to stumble onto a hosting company that is really one of the best going. If you are needing a hosting service check out I highly recommend them. Their tech support is the best. They got my site migrated to their servers in HK and got it all up and running asap. I was getting my emails answered within minutes back and forth as we worked out several issues from the transfer. They even re-coded several files to get WordPress kick started again. Great service and they know what they are doing.