Shenzhen,May 1st, 2012


I just returned from another visit to Shenzhen. This time it was all business as I needed a lot of networking stuff in preparation for my home automation project on the new townhouse.

What better place to get everything at great prices, but from the largest electronics market in the world? In the heart of […]

Wuyishan,July 6th, 2010


1 hour flight out of Shenzhen brings you to Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. Famous for its natural conservation of a large number of ancient plant species, wild animals and reptiles, many of which are peculiar to China.The Bohea and the Oolong teas are grown in this region as well. Unforunatly for us southern China […]

Hong Kong,December 22nd, 2007

Hong Kong


We are just returning from a week in Hong Kong. this city is such a contrast to cities in mainland China. Even Shanghai & Beijing are not on thesame level as HK Getting around HK is fast and easy. You get an Octopus smart card for $150(HK) and it can be used […]